Friday, July 24, 2009

We'll Do it Live

Many are already familiar with Fox News's right-wing anchor Bill O'Reilly's bullying of guests. And it's not that I always disagree with certain issues he raises, but that he's untrustworthy, a blowhard ideologue who likes to intimidate his guests rather than interview them. But in this outtake clip, shot way back in his early days in the '80s (and surfaced a while back on YouTube) there are no guests yet to insult. There is only a lonely floor director present who's trying to get him to simply sign off the show. When O'Reilly doesn't comprehend that the teleprompter is telling him to "play out" the broadcast with a new song by Sting, he goes postal. Check this out: (Warning: Use headphones if you are in a place frequented by folks with sensitive ears.)

Not to leave well enough alone, some guy (with a gift for doing dance mixes) saw something of value in O'Reilly's tiny sample of anchor psychosis. He has taken his "Do it Live" rant and created what is perhaps a dance floor classic. This juicy bit of editing proves not only that just about ANYTHING can become music, but that Bill O'Reilly was maybe secretly, all along, a true rapper. Witness this gem (again with the same warning as above):

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  1. Kevin, this is some of the funniest video I have seen for a long time. I'm sending notice of your blog onto facebook with miine because I know many, many people who will enjoy getting your reviews. Rock on.